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Mamma Miga


The brand Frit Ravich has wanted to create a new brand for its products of industrial pastries, till now included under the brand name Bollería Selecta. The premises were to create a new naming, a positioning and a self-image that would respond to the needs and trends of the market and, in turn, it would separate the pastries from the Group Frit Ravich brand, whose were until then very present in the colour and fonts used.


With the new brand “Mamma Miga”, it is looked for a differentiated identity that corresponds to the type of product offered and that is easily recognizable and credible to its public. We had to tell what the line of industrial pastries of Frit Ravich was, and we did so with an innovative brand that looks for the flavours of the origin (quality) and moves them to a modern life, more typical of an urban environment than a rural one. We have shaped a young, optimistic, enthusiastic and fun brand that has a very specific objective: being part of the sweeter moments that young people share during their afternoons in the Park. With this new positioning, we get closer to the product’s consumers/buyers, young people aged 14 to 25 years who acquire the product for own consumption. With the same strategy, we reach also adult buyers who buy the product to their smaller children who fulfill their aspiration, growing up to become part of the youth (preteens).


Once the identity and the image of the new brand Mamma Miga! is defined, Neorg has designed new packagings of each product of pastries as well as other graphic materials. The products of Frit Ravich Mamma Miga are marketed in the national territory from September 2017.

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