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Branding Partners. We become another piece of our clients’ team, understanding and meeting their needs in the framework of a relationship of complete trust.
New-organisation. We become another piece of our clients’ team, understanding and meeting their needs in the framework of a relationship of complete trust.
Multidisciplinary team. We become another piece of our clients’ team, understanding and meeting their needs in the framework of a relationship of complete trust.


The best syntony among professionals, at the service of your brand.

Sergi Audivert

The whole Neorg team make flexibility their catchword, even in a sector as specialised and diverse as biotechnology. Their dependability and creativity make Neorg the ideal partner for any type of communication piece, from producing a brochure to creating a web platform or generating a brand. We at AB-BIOTICS highly value their contribution to the company’s communication impact, at both the commercial and corporate levels.
Client: Ab-Biotics Càrrec: CEO - CCO

Pere Solà i Busquets

The website that Neorg designed has lived up to our expectations. They were able to create an original and clear website in line with the new dynamics promoted at Barcelona Synchrotron Park. During the entire production stage, we placed great value on the Neorg team’s reactivity and creativity, as well as the personal treatment they gave us. Now that the website is up and running, we can also count on them for any fine tuning. The ergonomic software we have, developed by the same team, enables us to carry out the weekly updates and even to easily modify much of the website ourselves, thus giving us highly-valuable autonomy and agility.
Client: Barcelona Synchrotron Park Càrrec: Director

Jaume Sabaté

I’ve worked with Neorg for many years at various stages of my professional career and always with optimum results. I was never in any doubt that when it came to launching an ambitious and complex project like that of the GIO we had to place our trust in them... and once more they haven’t let us down! They’re defined by quality, creativity and efficiency but, above all, great empathy and personal treatment in order to understand and provide service to all types of clients, whether it’s a large company, a medium-sized one or an incipient venture project. They’re part of the team!
Client: Giorquestra Càrrec: Founder and Marketing Chief

Gil Costa

Neorg is perfect balance. It is boldness, creativity, innovation and defiance and at the same time, it is also trust, proximity, simplicity and tranquillity. Two generally divergent aspects but which, thanks to enormous talent and latent enthusiasm, converge and make it the best partner to shape and improve any communications strategy.
Client: Pere Quera Càrrec: Marketing and Communications

Eduard Aguilera

For almost 10 years Neorg has been my provider in terms of communication needs, either for my own company or for clients I’ve worked for. I went to university with two of its directors and the peace of mind its fast, professional way of working gives me is priceless. In our current economic-social situation, risks with providers need to be kept to a minimum. It’s clear to me: Neorg.
Client: Musette Càrrec: Manager

Marc Capilla

Neorg are our partners in communications. Their multi-discipline team and the high level and quality of their work give them the capability to revolutionise the gardening and agriculture sector worldwide. They're good travelling companions on this adventure which will surely bring us many success stories.
Client: Fliwer Càrrec: CEO

Ariadna Prats

The people at Neorg work like colleagues of ours, not outsiders. They put themselves in the clients’ shoes and adapt to the company’s real needs at all times. And most important of all, they’re always there when you need them.
Client: Aigua de Sant Aniol Càrrec: Marketing Manager

Maria Trias

They’re easy to deal with, they contribute new ideas and involve themselves in the projects. This is why we work with Neorg. A team of professionals who understand our requests and surprise us with original suggestions.
Client: Galetes Trias Càrrec: Marketing

Beatriz Saro

Neorg is more than a provider, it’s a close partner which has earned our trust by working quickly, enthusiastically, side by side, tackling our problems as if they were its own, while at the same time providing innovation and creativity in its communication proposals.
Client: Abacus Càrrec: Marketing Manager

Maria Sanchez

Eagerness, enthusiasm and proactivity as regards attitude. Professionalism, creativity and individuality as regards results. That’s how we see Neorg here at NOEL. An increasingly intense relationship with an agency which in just a few months has gone from being a partner to being a trusted member of the NOEL family. Their flexibility, speed and freshness, along with their excellent work, have captivated us.
Client: Noel Alimentaria Càrrec: Marketing Manager

Sílvia Domènech Arimany

Speed, proactivity and trust are traits that typify Neorg. They provide experience in food and large-scale consumption. with personalised management and common sense.
Client: La Fageda Càrrec: Sales and Marketing Manager

Mario Puntonet

I’ve been working with them for over 20 years. They’re always there and they provide you with quick solutions efficiently. That’s why I don’t think of them as an agency; they’re part of my team. They’re my people. Whoever works with me has to act that way: with discretion, speed, commitment - all spiced with a great deal of inventiveness and creative solutions. That’s Neorg.
Client: Gran Kaptura Càrrec: Communications Manager

Jordi Bosacoma

Direct and personal treatment, trust and dynamism are outstanding values with Neorg. Maximum involvement in all the projects and at the forefront of the latest trends in design. This makes them an essential partner in the communication of our brand.
Client: Kin Cosmetics Càrrec: Image Manager

Cristina Suñer

A young, enthusiastic team with fresh ideas, who offer us an optimum combination of creativity and professional thoroughness. Even after several years of working together, they still surprise us with their ideas and contributions. Their direct, fast and flexible treatment make working with Neorg very comfortable and easy. All this, along with commitment and trust, has led us to think of them as part of our own team.
Client: Haribo España Càrrec: Marketing Manager

Pablo Bofill

Reliability and commitment to the project. Always giving support and attentive to our requests. Great flexibility and open to changes throughout the process. Quick resolution against possible setbacks.
Client: Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura Càrrec: Director

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