Outsourcing services

Neorg offers you the opportunity to completely outsource part or all of your communications or marketing department or to incorporate Neorg employees with specialist profiles into your team.

All of Neorg’s different types of experience and knowhow in your company.


    With the Neorg Brand Control service, the agency takes charge of a series of your company’s communication or marketing functions continuously and under a monthly fee.

    We define the contracting of services that will include Neorg Brand Control according to the client’s needs, as it is totally variable and customised. For example, you can delegate the community management work to us, or the website maintenance, the running of your annual Inbound Marketing plan, the management of SEM or online advertising campaigns or any other ongoing service.

    We’ll create the team that best suits your needs and place them at your service continually as if they were a normal part of your company.


    If you need a specific professional profile to complete your work team and you want to be able to count on the security that Neorg offers you as regards experience and resources, our Implants enable us to transfer one person or several from our team to your company so that they can devote themselves completely to your brand.

    This service is very flexible, as it permits contracting by hourly packages, by half days or full time depending on the client’s needs. In addition, you can count on a wide variety of profiles, even multi-specialists, thus covering a shortage with the security that an agency like Neorg can provide.


    If you need to outsource a large volume of your company’s work, we offer you the chance to create within Neorg a team exclusively dedicated to your brand.

    The number of people and professional profiles are adapted to the client’s needs and they dedicate themselves totally during your whole working day.

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